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Finding your Soul's Purpose with 5 Easy Steps


Finding your Soul's Purpose with 5 Easy Steps

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Good morning beautiful souls. Today’s topic is about “finding” your soul’s purpose. I am right now going to an awakening process where I take time to know more about myself, the purpose of life and of this universe. It’s not always an easy journey because it requires humility and to go deep within our history, fears and traumas. But from my heart, I know that I am guided to the right and truthful path. Praise God, the Perfect One for guiding me through this beautiful and magical journey. And I know that He will guide you to your soul’s purpose too. Through some researches, I compiled 5 steps/questions for helping you find your soul’s purpose. Try to answer those questions in the most truthful and sincere way. Relax your mind, take a deep breath. Let’s begin.

1. Do you have a vision of life?

Find your soul's purpose - 5 easy steps

How do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 20 years? Do you want to do the same job you're doing right now? Do you spend your days upon a hazardous path with no intend or end goal in mind? Do you get involve in things which have small value and make little or no sense each day, each month, each year? Do you see your future-self happy and at peace with the same work you’re doing today? Is this vision of your future-self, in short and long term, fulfilling you?

Having a dream or vision about yourself in the future is so powerful as it affects how you live now and the daily decisions you make. God created you beautiful and has endowed every human being with the faculties of thinking and understanding. You have a particular place in this universe and you understand that your life in this earth in not permanent. We all want to achieve some kind of success, but the concept of success can be very different from each individual. Whether you want to become a successful business owner, a superstar, or anything else, ultimate success is always linked to the fulfillment of spiritual and divine needs. Some people believe that the purpose of life is to accumulate wealth, but what’s the purpose of life after one has collected these amounts of money. At some stage of your life, the problem arises again, and you start asking again what’s really your soul’s purpose, suffering the panic of nothingness, feeling you’re not good enough. Recognize that you are not an average creation of God, He created you beautiful and meaningful.

2. Is there something causing you a lot of discomfort?

Find your soul's purpose - 5 easy steps

In your career, your job, everyday life, what activities you’re doing in the daily basis bring you joy, delight and peace? Are you happy to wake up every morning doing your actual job? Do the activities you’re doing bring your pure joy and appreciation or discomfort? Do you search for comfort in addictions or self-destructive behaviors? Do you feel that nothing can comfort your heart? Is there something that you do nourishing your soul? Are you happy or miserable when doing the things you do?

Even though pain and discomfort are very disturbing feelings, we should see them as gifts from God. Emotion is in truth the most beautiful blessing. Most of the problems we face as human beings, are directly related to our emotional regulation and perception of reality. God has created you with emotions - anger, sadness, fear, joy - and they serve as a purpose to benefit you. Your emotion is real and sometimes we are so scared to feel whether good or bad emotions. But they are guidance from your Creator so you can make decisions and find your true purpose. God knows your pain, the despair and sadness. In His infinite mercy and wisdom, the Creator did not abandon you. Don’t be afraid to feel the discomfort and try to understand why you feel this way. And surely God will guide you towards your soul’s purpose.

3. Do you use your God-given talents?

Find your soul's purpose - 5 easy steps

You do utilize your gifts from God to do what you love? Do you utilize your talents today? Do you feel inspired to do what you love? Do you let your creativity flow? Are you putting your talents in use to help or inspire others? Do you love to paint, draw, sing, dance, explore, teach, write?

Use this present moment to silence your mind and imagine having the courage to nurture the talents and skills that God gives you. These talents are your special gifts and blessings from the Creator. You and only you, have theses special gifts. You only, can be aware of these talents. On top of that, God gives you the love for their development. We all have these inner knowledge and talents that can be developed to the point that they are useful to the soul and beneficial to others. You can be good at making others feel at ease or good about themselves. Whether your talents become a career or remain a hobby, if you intend and have joy in them, you can do good and elevate people vibration by implementing and pondering your talents. Ask yourself what you love to do, with a focused and joyful intent - work, careers, craftsmanship, artistry. Turn your faith to the Creator and realize that God gave you talents. Take some quiet time to sit and reflect about what you love and what you are good at. Then take a step further and think how you can better the world with it. The journey is guaranteed to be joyful.

4. What activities give you energy and raise your vibration?

Find your soul's purpose - 5 easy steps

And which ones deprave you from your energy? Do you feel stress and anxiety? Do you feel powerful and unstoppable when doing what you love? Are you afraid and scared to do what you love? Are you overwhelmed with fear of doing what you like because of what people may think? Are you welling to sweat for it?

Know your true worth that God has created you beautiful, blessed and loved beyond anything else you can imagine. You are maybe afraid of making mistakes and failing so you don’t start doing what you love to do. This journey towards your life’s purpose can be challenging. Sure, it won’t be easy all the time but you’ll undertake this journey with a big smile on your face. This journey of finding your soul’s purpose is not a course to the finish line but rather a journey where each step is an appreciation of the present moment. When you do the things you love, you’ll see that the notion of time disappears. You’re just grateful to God to be able to grow and do what you love. You start to see everything around you as an abundance of opportunities to heal yourself and to spread joy.

5. Do you feel honor to do what you do?

Find your soul's purpose - 5 easy steps

Do you have to do it as a duty? Or do you choose to do it? Do you feel honor to do what you’re doing on a daily basis? Do you feel honor to learn and grow? Do you feel honor and blessed to do what you love? Do you feel honor and gratitude to inspire people? Do you feel as a duty to be kind to people? Do you do the things you do with a good intention? What is the state of your heart when performing an action?

We can do the same “pious” act outwardly but with totally different intentions. It’s primordial to observe your intention and the motivation behind each action you do. Choose activities and to do things that truly and sincerely makes you happy and at peace. Don’t say “I have to” but instead change it to “I choose to.” The notion of duty takes away your freedom of choice. Be honor to inspire and to share your creativity to people. Focus on creating something that stands the test of time. Great ideals last forever because you reach the heart of people. Give attention with what inspires you and don’t allow yourself to not be distracted by negative energies. Praise God and feel honored, you have the power to use the abundant resources from this universe in a manner that you love to do good for yourself, your heart and soul, and others.




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